Friday, August 10, 2012

My agent told me to call someone else . . .

(or gave me a list of other home inspectors).

Here’s why (and you won't read this anywhere else)

First let me say this,

There are very good, honest, and reputable real estate agents out there. Many of them refer our company or similarly qualified inspectors to their clients. They trust their clients - that given all the information they will make an informed decision. We have accepted referrals from many of these agents for over 15 years. These agents know that if we find things wrong with the home, they can negotiate repairs or a price change or in some circumstances find another home for their client.

The most important thing to these agents is their clients receiving the best possible inspection, and all of the information that is available.

Then there are other real estate sales people. They are short sighted, and don’t see past the next transaction. They try to insist that their clients use a less competent inspector, And really don’t trust their clients to make a good decision.

Sometimes, the sales people are clever and give a list of three inspectors. All three on the list are “patsies” They give the client the list so they can say “well that’s the inspector YOU picked” if the client complains months after the home was purchased.

Do these patsy home inspectors intentionally over look defects? – Sometimes – but more often it is soft reporting or minimizing the defect.

The DIRTY LITTLE SECRET is many home inspectors RELY on sales people for ALL of their business. The sales people RELY on a poor inspection to sell the home.

There are actually Home Inspection Marketing Schools and Franchises that teach inspectors how to write “agent friendly” reports.

Here is a recent lawsuit alleging such a scheme (which was settled)

This suit is against a particular home inspector and Franchisee – but believe me, this could be about many of the inspectors out there.
Before Hiring any inspector, you should read this lawsuit.

Some agents call honest home inspectors “Deal Killers” It is up to the buyer to Kill the deal – not the home inspector. We present information.

At Integrity Inspection WE WORK EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU ! It is our job to find things that are unsafe or things that may cost you money. We present our findings in a clear manner, and try to recommend a course of action.