Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspecting Stucco Homes

Many homes in the last 20 years have been clad with stucco.   There are several different types of stucco that are popular.  EIFS (aka Dryvit – which is a actually a trade name) traditional (aka  three coat stucco)  Artificial stone (which is stucco) and One Coat stucco which is really not “One Coat.”

Sound confusing?  It is. 
Missing cap flashing over door.

There are many components of a stucco system that must be installed for the system to perform properly.  Weep Screeds, Kick-out flashings, expansion joints, window and door flashings, building paper to name a few. 
Missing Kick Out Flashing

If any of these components are missing or installed improperly the results can be catastrophic.   I have seen 10 year old and newer homes that are rotted to the point of being unsafe – Costing the home owner 10s of thousands of dollars.  (or more)
Missing Weep Screed

If you are considering buying a home with any type of stucco cladding,   You definitely should hire an inspector who is familiar with stucco installation and repair.